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Have you heard both cases of “victory”? First, I asked, “What did Nick and Rachel do to win the matriarch of the family?” “The matriarch of the family” is a long object – it`s a full bite – so we put it after “winning”. But later I said that the game of mahjong is what Rachel does to win Eleanor in the end. “Eleanor” is just a word, so let`s put it between “win” and “more.” Here`s how you heard it a few moments ago. There is an outside chance – there is a possibility – that Domino`s will win over the local Italian population. It`s possible they`ll convince Italians to love American pizza delivered to their doorstep. The local population is currently skeptical. We haven`t talked too much about it before, but a lot of people in Italy aren`t really in favor of this Americanized version of their cuisine, especially people who love Neapolitan artisan pizza. It`s very strange, and when he plays like that, the most charming little expression crosses his face. Persuade, gain support, as in It will not be easy to win it from our point of view. [Late 1800s] We don`t see the scene where Nick gets Eleanor`s blessing – but it`s clear that Mahjong`s game is what Rachel does to win Eleanor in the end.

Nglish: Translation of Victory for Spanish speakers After crossing this desert, we found several garrisons to protect the caravans from Tatar violence. And now, likewise, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee: “Bend down and take him like a prisoner!” Translation engines are powerful tools for communicating in the modern world. However, they often neglect the context and can mislead or confuse you. Our human translators are here to make sure you get not only the right definition, but also the full context. “Win over.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 12 December 2022. There`s a fun quirk with “winning”, and that`s the placement of the object – either you put the object exactly in the middle – “win me” – or you put it at the end – “win over the locals”. There isn`t really a rule if you put the item in the middle (win it) or at the end (win the nation of pizza lovers), but rather a general guideline. If your objection is only one or two words, you can classify it between “win” and “more.” Win them; convince him; convince them; conquer his family; Convince your boss. But if the object is long, then it is better to “win it over the local population”, “win the skeptical moderate voters”; “Win the fans of the opposing team.” They are always suspended over a precipice, hanging from a thin wire that shows all the signs of snapping. Maybe Epstein is doing his best these days to webmaster more than a dozen URLs.

But at the end of the movie – spoiler alert! – At the end of the film, Nick again proposes to Rachel with Eleanor`s ring, as a signal that Eleanor has finally given her blessing. What did Nick and Rachel do to win over the matriarch of the family? Rachel sat with Eleanor at a traditional mahjong table and played the traditional board game with her. She also tells Eleanor that she rejects Nick`s marriage proposal because she doesn`t have the support of her family. The phrase I want to share with you today is “win.” It`s a verb with phrasal, which means that you finally convince someone to like you or your idea after that person was initially against the idea. This is important to “conquer”. You must first convince someone who is against you to be on your side. Most members use translations while listening to the lesson and reading. If you come across a word you don`t understand, you don`t need to press pause to discover its meaning. You can simply hover over the highlighted word.

This allows you to learn the definition of the word without having to pause on the audio. Let me give you a quick example. In a tennis match, it is common for spectators to change their loyalties during the match. You might cheer on a player at first. But the other player could do something to convince them. The other player could scrap and fight and come from behind and finally win over the cheering crowd. “Win them” and “Win the jubilant crowd”. But it is possible that Dominos will convince them. There`s a chance Domino`s will convince them to love American pizza.

After handing the gun to the next soldier, he quickly stumbled towards Brion and took his hand. All over the world, the legitimate demands of organized labour are intertwined with the underground conspiracy of social revolution. Let`s practice this a little more. In this example, I will use “win over” twice – once with a long object (comes after) and once with a short object (between win and over). Pay attention to them in this example. His appearances in the campaign won new voters. Yes! Instead of hovering your mouse over a highlighted word, just tap on it. But yes, I imagined a James Bond guy walking towards her.

“Convicting” means finally convincing someone to like you or your idea after that person was initially against it. That`s all for today – thank you for joining us. We`ll be back here on Monday. I don`t know if it will be next Monday or Thursday, but if the number 98.6 means something to you, you`ll want to hear it next week. Probably Thursday of next week – 98.6 may not be the magic number we thought. I`ll let you hang with that, so join us next week for the whole story. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! The quick version of this print is available to Plain English Plus+ subscribers. The transcript of this lesson is available with interactive translations into Spanish. In each lesson protocol, we select a hundred words, phrases and phrases that are difficult to translate. The song is about a rich girl who has diamonds on the soles of her shoes, which means she`s so luxurious that even the bottom of her shoes is dotted with diamonds – it`s about her and the poor boy chasing her. A South African a cappella group sings the song from the beginning of the song.

This has always been one of my favorite Paul Simon songs, so check out this one, Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, from the Graceland album. Translations are included in two subscriptions: Plain English Plus+ and Starter. Choose a plan and get started today! Do you remember the movie Crazy Rich Asians? We talked about it in episode 130. Rachel went with Nick to Singapore to meet Nick`s family. Nick`s mother, Eleanor, wasn`t crazy about her son marrying an American who didn`t know Asian culture. Rachel`s future mother-in-law was against her for most of the film. Yes, please visit to see a sample episode with Spanish translations. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app.